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A modern and environmentally conscious washing facility for your vehicle

iWash express is the modern-day carwash with state-of-the-art facilities geared toward a greener future!

We recycle 80% of the water used on-site daily and our commercial-grade solar paneled roof provides most of the energy for our facility.


Customers reviews

... iWash Express outstands for lot of details. Clean vacuum tubes, clean tire shine brush that doesn't get your wheel rims all greasy. Specially how the towels are folded one by one for easy use and plenty of them. Really recommend iWash Express if you are in the El Cajón area.
This is a good spot to get a car wash. Price point is not bad compare to most other placed. But the vaccum is pretty strong and they give you wet towels. The towels are great for wiping down the inside of your car making it look clean.
Carlos A.
Love this car wash!!!! The machines give your vehicle a complete thorough wash!!!!! Excellent car wash!!! Would highly recommend!!!!
Javier S.
Good customer service , my kids love it and they have fun over there , special discount, all around the year !
Ammar H.
Great car wash experience. The staff were professional and quick. I visited today to check out the new upgraded car wash. Attached is the video from the inside. Everything is new. My car is super clean. No streaks on the glass or wash spots. Very happy with the results. The place is easy to spot from the main road. There is also a vacuum area attached to it. 5 stars.
Wisam A.
Great value. Always very friendly and helpful.
Yvonne W.

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